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216 Fitzwater St
Philadelphia, PA, 19147

LY Happenings

Can't wait for shearing season! Our sheep this year are like Josephs's coat--the "fleece  with many colors"--palest creams (Snow) to darkest, deepest browns (Susie). And check out Pony! Is there some way to make a variegated yarn from his fleece? We'll find out in March!

The Fleeces Have Left the Building. . . .

Colleen Puckett

Dropping off Saturday at Sweitzer's Mill. 

First, we open up the bags of fleece to sort by color. . . .

Bath time.

fleece drying on racks.jpg

Sort and dry.

long view barrels and spools.jpg

Cool machines.

Fleece maestra Heather. 

A pleasure doing business with you, Sweitzer's Mill! See you in May!