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Philadelphia, PA, 19147

LY Happenings

Can't wait for shearing season! Our sheep this year are like Josephs's coat--the "fleece  with many colors"--palest creams (Snow) to darkest, deepest browns (Susie). And check out Pony! Is there some way to make a variegated yarn from his fleece? We'll find out in March!

Have You Any Wool?

Colleen Puckett

Yes, we have wool! Bags and bags full!

On Saturday, we drove up to Liverpool Farm to watch Carl, master shearer, work his skills on our flock.

He sheared the nine rams first, who were put in the upper pasture, and then worked on the sixteen ewes. They got to graze outside the pen and run around a little before being rounded up again. We always forget how little the sheep are under that woolly layer!

The fleeces have such a range and depth of color. It's amazing to see how the color of the outer fleece can be so different from the color of the inner fleece. We couldn't resist plunging our hands in and feeling how thick and soft the fleeces are.

And we managed to fit all thirteen bags of fleece in the car!